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Madhu Mailam Mahadevan, was born on 17th June 1967 in a place called Tindivanam in Tamil Nadu, India. His parents named him as M Madhiyazagan as you can find in his credentials which he renamed as Madhu Mailam Mahadevan in the year 2002 nov’22nd
He finished his schooling in Tindivanam St Ann’s Higher Secondary School, and completed his Diploma in Civil Engineering under Annamalai University curriculum in Tamil Nadu, India. He went on to pursue his Post Diploma in Town and Country Planning in Chennai Central Polytechnic, Tamil Nadu, India. .
  Musical knowledge acquaintance .  
One can say Madhu inherited his music knowledge through his genes as his mother Mrs Mangayarkarasi Mahadevan was an established South Indian classical singer and dancer of yesteryears. In addition, Madhu’s family contained uncles and aunts with music talent and knowledge which attracted him towards musical field in spite of his civil engineering academics background. Regularly he was learning Indian classical music (vocal) and harmonium during his college studies as his passion lied there. .
The seed of musical passion in Madhu became a tree when he completed his post diploma in the year 1990. Instead of searching for civil engineering jobs, he chose music field settling down at the nearest metro city Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India and started exploring singing and music direction opportunities. .
Madhu initially chose the path of becoming a stage singer which could get him with more contacts in the music field, provide him singing practice on live stages and updation of music as of any day since 1990. He started his own light music band – Madhudeva Superhits in 1994 and started travelling across the length and breadth of Tamil Nadu to give light music shows. However, there were mushroom of music bands in Tamil Nadu providing tough competition to him. .
  Normal is boring for every one of us and Madhu is no exception!! .  
Madhu wanted to do something totally different to go national and international in the music band which none of the other bands in India would think of. This thought gave birth to the first all women music band of India named a “The Girls Orchestra” in 2000. It became a very big not only in India but abroad too. .
The concept is simple. In India, it would be males on all instruments and females were engaged as singers only on a traditional light music band stage. The Girls Orchestra reversed this traditional method by making all instruments played by girls with male singers only joining them. Madhu was the founder, mentor and also the key make singer in The Girls Orchestra. There is no looking back since then. .
The all women orchestra led by Madhu, travelled across India to perform music shows almost in all key languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. The band also travelled to Colombo, Gulf countries and South East Asian countries within few years of its inception along with cine playback singers and celebrities. .
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